Whereas, the ______(town/village/city) Board/Council has a principal responsibility to protect the health and safety of its residents, businesses and institutions.

Whereas, _______(town/village/city) is located within the 50-mile evacuation zone of the Indian Point nuclear plant and a radioactive release there could adversely impact the health of _______(town/village/city) residents and business and institution personnel and/or render _______(town/village/city) uninhabitable for generations, and

Whereas, according to the January 8, 2017 Indian Point Closure Settlement Agreement,[1] Indian Point reactors 2 and 3 are scheduled to be closed in 2020 and 2021, respectively with more than 2700 tons of highly radioactive spent fuel stored onsite, and

Whereas, the safe decommissioning of Indian Point is critical to the well-being of _______(town/village/city) residents, businesses and institutions, and

Whereas, it will take decades to transfer the radioactive spent fuel to onsite dry cask storage, where it will be safer but not fully safe, and

Whereas, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission does not have expertise in gas pipeline dynamics and the Commission has not acknowledged that the gas pipelines pose an additional hazard at this site, and

Whereas, a massive high pressure 42” diameter gas transmission pipeline traverses the Indian Point property and a rupture in the pipeline at or near that location could destroy critical Indian Point nuclear safety infrastructure and back-up cooling equipment needed to protect the reactors and the spent fuel from igniting, and

Whereas, some elected officials have discussed siting a gas power plant on or nearby Indian Point property, and

Whereas, in February 2016 Governor Cuomo, recognizing the dangers of the co-location of the pipeline and Indian Point, asked four NY State agencies to undertake a risk assessment which resulted in the state initiating a work order for a risk assessment to be conducted by Henningson, Durham and Richardson in July 2016.  The work order said that the risk assessment was to be completed by September 2016, the scope of which was subsequently expanded and due to be completed on December 31, 2016.  The status of the risk assessment is unknown.

Therefore, be it resolved that the _______(town/village/city) Board/Council, in the interests of its residents, businesses and institutions, urges that the New York State risk assessment be released as soon as possible so that elected officials, emergency providers and the public have the benefits of this information to be better prepared, that Entergy, the NRC and community groups and consultants involved in the decommissioning process can include this information in decommissioning planning and that the consulting firm, D.L. English Consulting, that New York State hired to conduct a site reuse study, can have a better understanding of opportunity parameters; and, be it further

Resolved, that it is in the interest of the well-being of ______(town/village/city)’s residents, businesses and institutions that the State conducts and releases an assessment that includes public input prior to any discussions regarding the possibility of siting a gas plant at or near Indian Point; and, be it further

Resolved, that the _____(town/village/city) Clerk shall forward this Resolution to the Governor of New York State, to the New York State Legislators in both the New York State Senate and the Assembly that represent the _____(town/village/city), and to New York State’s Public Service Commission Chairman, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner, Department of Health Commissioner, Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner, Empire State Development Commissioner, the NYSERDA Chairman, and the NY State Attorney General to urge these actions be taken as promptly as possible.

[1] https://www.riverkeeper.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Indian-Point-Closure-Agreement-January-8-2017.pdf