At the Cortlandt Community Unity meeting last night, Mike Twomey of Entergy was emphatic that there will be no sale or change to the property for a fairly  long time (at least a couple of years) before they can even form a  plan.  They have no idea how much area will be required for materials or the decommissioning work. He also said emphatically that the plant will close on schedule (2020 and 2021).  He equivocated about whether they would use North Star for decommissioning.  While the audience is not allowed to ask questions, I wrote one out and gave it to one of the Town Reps with whom I am close.  I asked whether all  they were talking about included storing spent fuel safely, and my pal asked the question and that made the Entergy guy explain the separation of decom and spent fuel storage and how the operators have to file a law suit periodically against NRC, which means that we  taxpayers are the hook endlessly.

Given the uncertainty of when anything can be done on the property, the Town Supervisor vocally said that hiring the DL English company for reuse ideas was a waste of our town’s budget.
The moral is, we have to be at every meeting so we can come up with the questions that NRC and the operators want to keep hidden from the citizenry.
Gary Shaw