My name is Gary Shaw and I have been involved in the Indian Point issue since February of 2000 when IP2 had a steam pipe rupture..  It seems to me that since the closure deal made by Entergy, New York State and Riverkeeper, NRC has been less responsible for providing information about unexpected events.  Most notable was the continuing leaks of the o-rings on the reactor lids where news reports were from Entergy and not NRC. But we still have 2 -3 years of generation and public safety requires a robust effort.  I have some questions for which I would like responses.

  • Once the plants stop generating what is NRC’s responsibility?
  • My understanding is that Entergy has 2 years after closure to file a decommissioning plan.  What is NRC’s responsibility to oversee/manage the plan?
  • Does NRC have any approval of the company if Entergy decides to sell the license?  What NRC standards would be required?
  • If Entergy or a new owner selects the safe-stor schedule of 60 years to decommission, will NRC have a presence throughout the process?
  • The plant currently uses 2.5 billion gallons of Hudson River water for cooling. Each day.  How much water will have to be used to keep the spent fuel cool for the 5 to 10 years that will be needed after removal from the reactors?
  • In 2017, there were more leaks related to o-rings in the reactor lid of Unit 2.  In April 2018 acid leaks were discovered in Unit 2. Were they also related to the o-ring?
  • When the AIM pipeline was installed just off the center of Indian Point 3, NRC simply bowed to FERC’s judgement that it was safe.  New York State conducted a Risk Assessment and the state has not shown the results to the public. Has NRC asked to see the risk assessment since there will be more years of generation and infinite time of storage of high level radioactive waste?  If not, why not?
  • It is my understanding that NRC recommends a Citizens Advisory Board for decommissioning.  Indian Point has recommended a Citizens Oversight Board since New York is a deregulated market.  Does NRC object to having state legislation that involves a broad range of elected officials and knowledgeable citiens?

Gary Shaw

9 Van Cortlandt Pl.

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