November 23 2018 – Photo Update — Great event! Congratulations to Croton and the local organizers who were tackling something like this for the first time. A March and Rally  divided into three parts with music and speakers at each stop allowed everyone to keep up and gave speakers a fresh start at each stop. Special kudos to Walkabout Clearwater Chorus who started off the March with the most appropriate song possible – This Land is Our Land  and to Fred Gillum Jr. whose environmental justice songs inspired the third segment of the Rally. Jean and Gary Shaw spoke about the need for a Citizens Awareness Board.  Courtney Williams was scheduled to speak at the end – a slot reserved for really strong speakers. You can see her speech on her Facebook page as well as most of the event which was streamed live. — Greetings. We gathered, we marched and we handed out lots of Susan’s post cards and my 1/2 page flyer on Article 78. It was fun! It was good! PEACE, Catherine