Going through some old reports I found the 2014 NRC study about storing waste on site.  This was part of their review because of Fukushima after Jaczko was kicked out.  No surprise – their conclusion is that fuel pools are just as safe as dry cask storage.

I had forgotten the immense amount of cesium that will be in the pool when the reactors close: 60.8 MCi and 60.5 MCi or Mega curries.  1 Mega Currie equals 1 million curries.  

This is what the NRC  anticipates will be there at closing.  While some fuel assemblies will continue to be moved into dry cask storage others will be added from the refueling process.  The reactor contains 193 fuel assemblies.

This huge amount of highly radioactive material has not even been refered to in the current talks on decommissioning. 

Who want the documentation.