Cortlandt Town Hall was packed with task force members and residents Thursday to discuss a new agreement to sell the Indian Point power plant.

Indian Point is scheduled to shut down by April 2021. The plant’s buyer, Holtec International, was not present at the meeting.

The Buchanan, Cortlandt and Hendrick Hudson school districts will lose millions of dollars in payments from Indian Point operator Entergy that they depend on in their annual budgets.

Entergy announced the sale of the nuclear facility to Holtec International last week, which would dismantle the site.

Questions remain on how the company will dismantle the plant and how spent fuel will be stored on site, as well as for how long.

If the sale is approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, Entergy officials say Holtec will hire some of the 1,000 current Indian Point employees, although it’s not clear how many.