Here are a few pictures from the Corn Fest for those who have never been there.  

Plan ahead for the Pumpkin Festival on Sunday, October 20th.  I will be out of town and hope someone else can go to maintain an Indian Point presence.


It was a picture perfect day for the Corn Festival and a lovely time to spend on the banks of the River talking with people about a Citizens Oversight Board.  As soon as you say oversight and Indian Point in the same sentence, most people are ready to sign the petition.  

I have wondered lately about the effectiveness of tabling. Certainly, it is intangible but it definitely did lift my spirits to be on the River in the company of likeminded friends and acquaintances. It was a smaller crowd than the Strawberry Fest so there were fewer signing the petitions for COB, Article 78, and release of the pipeline report. Hopefully we can use the COB petitions effectively with our legislators.

Connie Hogarth was there and was introduced as a legend, which she is.  She gently corrected that by saying ” At least I am a living legend.”  She sends her regards to all.  Special thanks to Steve who spent the afternoon at the table and helped pack up. Help that was sorely needed. Thanks again Steve!