The NRC meeting will focus on what a citizens board should look like.  A copy of the of the one developed by Convergence parteners is posted on the IPSEC website.

We need a board that is legislated by the state so that it cannot disappear at the whim of local politicians. It must represent all stakeholders both elected and appointed.  It must have a budget to hire experts and help from the State in providing a meeting place for open public meetings which are recorded. The COB must be at the heart of decommissioning and in determining how the decommissioning fund is spent.

Most importantly it needs to have the power to be an effective watchdog for the tons of high level radioactive waste on site.HLR waste needs to  remain where it is – on site, under the guardianship of a COB.

The NRC must hear this over and over again.  They are slow learners, especially when they don’t like what they are hearing. This is a fact gathering meeting for the NRC on citizen participation in decommissioning.  They are required to come up with recommendations in their report to Congress.  

What we say could make a difference.  Come to the meeting and make your voice heard!  

Come early and help set up our new dry cask.

6 PM, Tarrytown Hilton.

In Solidarity,
Marilyn Elie