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This happens to be for Pilgrim.  Expect much the same for Indian Point.  IPSEC is one of the 96 organizations that signed on to this letter.

This is a good letter to forward to your elected officials.  Let them understand how Holtec and the NRC work together.  Certainly not in the public interest.  

If anyone has a good connection with Cortlandt Superintendt Linda Puglisi or Buchanan Mayor Theresa Knickerbocker please make sure they get this letter.


Pilgrim Nuke controversy just never ends…

Harwich, MA – Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Friends of the Earth join Cape Downwinders and Citizens Awareness Network and 91other concerned organizations in a call for suspension of the NRC Pilgrim license transfer to Holtec. On August 22, the NRC finalized the transfer from Entergy to Holtec without addressing petitions to intervene and request for adjudicatory hearings by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and Pilgrim Watch. Organizations from states where Holtec is directly involved such as California, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts join on our petition requesting the NRC suspend the license transfer until all the contentions on radiological, environments, and financial concerns are heard and resolved. Holtec’s parent company, SNC-Lavalin, is an Canadian based company with a shady business reputation. The full letter to the NRC is attached below.  

Diane Turco, Director of Cape Downwinders explains, “In their petition to intervene, the AGO identified the “risk of a funding shortfall is radiological, environmental, and financial.”  This is a serious matter that must not be rushed in order to accommodate Holtec’s bottom line.  Can we agree decommissioning must be done in the safest and most responsible manner?  That is not the guaranteed plan as it stands now. The Commonwealth has raised serious issues that must be resolved before the license transfer. With this quick transfer, there is now no leverage for Holtec to meet any of the Commonwealth’s demands for public and environmental safety and financial security.” 

Citizens Awareness Network Executive Director Deb Katz from Rowe, MA, comments on the NRC response to CDW and CAN’s original request for suspension, “The Commission can’t comment on our letter, but it can permit the transfer of a systemically mismanaged reactor to Holtec without a thorough analysis of its ability to adequately decommission the Pilgrim facility. The Commonwealth as well as concerned citizens have asked NRC to act prudently instead its chose to  protect a compromised corporation and its bottom line over the health and safety of the community.”

Tim Judson, Director of Nuclear Resource and Information Center, Tacoma Park, MD,  shares his concerns. “The NRC seems to have no understanding of the gravity of the decisions it is making. If these risky decommissioning reactor sales prove to be a failure, states and local communities could be abandoned with leaking radioactive waste sites and no funds to clean them up. They will never be able to trust the NRC again. The only reason for NRC to rush to a decision is to satisfy the short-sighted self-interest of the industry. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

“Holtec has been implicated in bribery, paid a hefty fine, and was even barred from contracting with a federal agency over it,” said Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste specialist at Beyond Nuclear. “Then Holtec’s CEO Krishna Singh provided false information about it under oath to the State of New Jersey, to secure a tax break worth hundreds of millions of dollars. A company with so many skeletons in its closet cannot be trusted with decommissioning trust funds collectively worth billions, let alone the cleanup of radioactive contamination, and high-level radioactive waste management. NRC’s rubber-stamp complicity, as at the Pilgrim nuclear reactor in Massachusetts, cannot stand,” Kamps added.



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  • Algonquin Eco Watch, Ontario, Canada/Mike Wilton, President
  • Alliance for Environmental Strategies, Eunice, NM/Rose Garder, Founder
  • Alliance to Halt Fermi-3, Livonia, MI/Keith Gunter, Board Chair
  • American Friends Service Committee, Cambridge, MA/Keith Harvey, Northeast            Regional Director
  • Association to Preserve Cape Cod, Dennis, MA/Andrew Gottlieb, Executive Director
  • Beyond Nuclear, Tacoma Park, MD/ Paul Gunter, Director, Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Waste Specialist
  • Boston Downwinders, Newton, MA/Guntram Mueller, Convener
  • Bruce Center for Energy Research Information, Inverhuron, Ontario/Eugene Bourgeois, President 
  • Bronx Climate Justice, North Bronx, NY/Jennifer Scarlott, Coordinator
  • Campaign for Peace, Disarmament, and Common Security, Cambridge, MA/Joseph Gerson, PhD, President
  • Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Montreal, Quebec/Gordon Edwards, President
  • Canton Residents for a Sustainable, Equitable Future, Canton, MA/Jennifer Wexler, President 
  • Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods, Peterborough, Ontario/Jo Hayward-Haines, Contact
  • Citizens Against the Rehobeth Compressor Station, Rehobeth, MA/Tracy Manzella, Organizer
  • Citizens for Alternatives To Radioactive Dumping, Albuquerque, NM/Janet Greenwald, Coordinator
  • Citizens Power, Inc., Pittsburg, PA/David Hughes, President
  • Citizens’ Resistance at Fermi Two (CRAFT), Redford, MI/Jessie Pauline Collins, Co-Chair
  • Clean Water Action, Brick, NJ/Janet Tauro, Board Chair
  • Coalition Against Nukes, Sag Harbor, NY/Priscilla Star, Founder and Director
  • Coalition For A Nuclear Free Great Lakes, Monroe, MI/Michael J. Keegan,  Chairperson
  • Committee for Future Generations, Beauval, Saskatchewan/Candyce Paul, Outreach Coordinator
  • Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety,  NM/Joni Arends, Executive Director
  • Concerned Citizens of Allegany County, Inc., Angelica, NY/Karen Ash, Chair
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By CapeCodToday Staff