If you are reading this you are part of the plan to talk with your state legislator about the need for a Citizens Oversight Board for a safe decommissioning of Indian Point. The deadline is January 23. That is when the budget is done.

First of all make sure that your state rep is in your list of contacts. This is not the last time you will need to be in touch. Plan on creating a relationship.

Second of all contact him or her now!

Tell them of your concern for a safe decommissioning of Indian Point. Tell them we need state legislation to ensure that this happens over the decades because the used fuel rods have no place else to go. Ask if they would vote for a bill that ensures that this will happen.

Next step: ask for a meeting to discuss this and to present them or their staff with information. You do not have to do this alone. Contact Courtney for help – she can pair you up with someone who can be your back up expert. (mazafratz@yahoo.com).

Send Courtney an email when you have made contact. She is keeping a list of all state representatives who have been reached so that she can send them information about our legislation on a regular basis.

Can you do any or all of this? Do what you can but DO SOMETHING!

In Solidarity,
Marilyn Elie