Here are some suggestions  for materials you can use when you visit your legislator.  Feel free to use this material as is or put things in your own words. 

You can leave this information with your representative. Just paste in the name of the elected and the people attending the meeting.

Also attached is a short/sweet bullet point list that can be used as critical points to cover in your meeting.

Also attached is an example of why Holtec isn’t a good choice for decommissioning and NY must be proactive in the decommissioning process.

The cover letter will give you the tone and language of the ask. That we want NY to be proactive, that we must have an oversight board for the benefit of our communities.

If you have not yet made a call, WATCH THIS VIDEO and CALL NOW and ask for a NYS oversight board for Indian Point.
This two minute video is about how important it is to call your NYS reps and how easy it  is to do so.  All you questions answered in two short minutes. 
Call now and ask for a NYS Oversight Board for Indian Point. Don’t know your rep?  Ask google. takes about 1′ to figure it out.

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This is a four minute video. The print version is below.

Dear Anti Nuclear Friends,

This is a request for your help in the safe decommissioning of Indian Point.

It is urgent that you call your NYS State Assembly member and your NYS Senator right away and tell them that we must have a New York State Decommissioning Oversight Board to supervise cleaning up Indian Point. Billions of dollars will be spent on this mammoth project and it has to be done right. Chances are your representative has not heard about this yet, especially if you live outside Westchester or Rockland. When you call ask to speak to the member or staff on their environmental committee.

The bill will be introduced soon by Assembly member Sandy Galef and New York State Senator Peter Harckham. Your representive will have to read it, of course. However, if they know their constituents are pushing for it, they are more likely to vote in favor.

If you want more information you can find it in the toolkit posted at if you want information in depth go to the toolkit on the Clearwater website at where you will find more documents.

To find the name, phone number and email of your Assembly member or your NYS Senator. Just ask google “Who is my New York State Senator (Assembly member).” You will get a list of several easy to follow links.

Want to do more? Call and ask for an appointment to visit their office and talk directly. You don’t have to go alone. Ask for help and a knowledgeable person from our core group will come with you.

This is important and urgent. Budget hearings come up January 23 and legislators must know this bill has support before then.

Take action NOW!

In Solidarity,
Marilyn Elie

A few more details for those that want them without following a link:

There is a decommissioning trust fund that is 2.1 billion dollars. Holtec, the company that is on track to do the work, has just published its first cost estimate which is 2.3 billion dollars. They claim that accrued interest will make up the difference. Frankly, it is entirely possible that it will cost a lot more if they do a clean and thorough job and it is the taxpayers that could be left holding the bag.

Holtec is a company with a crooked history. The World Bank banned them for 10 years. There was a bribery case in NJ where they wanted to build a factory. The list goes on. We need another company and if we end up stuck with this one they must be strictly suppervised.