Hi, all —

WNYC, the flagship NPR station in New York, has posted its story on Holtec and Indian Point.  It’s even-handed, giving some space to the other side, which is to be expected, but within that I think it’s quite good.  There is more detail in the audio version than the shorter written version — see: https://gothamist.com/news/company-poised-dismantle-indian-point-radioactive

It should air on WNYC today.  NPR national may pick it up (if impeachment doesn’t swamp it) Fred Mogul will pitch it to his contacts on the national desk.  He says he will definitely do more stories on Holtec and IP, and asked me to keep him updated, which I’m doing.

Manna et al you have the option of citing this story in tonight’s meeting.  I would listen to the audio version and compare it to the written one, because the audio version has some more damning details compared to the written one.