Dear Friends,

After many years of service Representative Nita Lowey of Congressional District 17 is retiring.  This has created a great deal of excitement among Democrats who are now vying to replace her.  The purpose of this forum was to provide an opportunity for candidates to speak in some depth about the environmental problems our community faces, what they see as solutions, and why they feel they are the right person to be elected to address these problems. The forum was moderated byDr. Courtney Williams, co founder of SEnRG, Safe Energy Rights Group and hosted by Stony Point Center.

Special Note:

This is a lightly edited version of the forum in real time. The user friendly table of contents in the YouTube description of the video is designed to allow you to quickly go to a specific question. Find the video at

The first set of questions set the tone for all that followed.

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? If so, what does it mean to be one? What in your record informs voters that you are the best candidate to protect our environment? Who is your environmental hero? 

Candidates who participated include Catherine Borgia, David Buchwald, Evelyn Farkas, Allison Fine, Mondaire Jones, Asha Castleberry-Hernandez, Catherine Parker, Adam Schleifer.  Catherine Borgia dropped out of the race the day after the forum.    

Since gatherings are not possible now, it is hoped that this video will lay out the positions of the candidates for those who were not at the forum. Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone who would find it useful and to post it to your social media sites. Many thanks to all of those who contributed so much time and effort to make this forum possible; their  names, plus sponsors, questions and more are listed in the video itself. Special thanks to our videographer Charlie Olson who captured it all on tape.

Marilyn Elie
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition