To the Editor —

We are under a coronovirus state of emergency, with tremendous leadership by Governor Cuomo. He is prioritizing testing, calling on the C.D.C, federal and state agencies to do their jobs on behalf of public safety.

We have an emergency that deserves this leadership that the public knows nothing about.

According to the recent report of federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Office of Inspector General (OIG), there is no valid risk analysis of the Algonquin gas pipelines at Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Not only this, this federal report’s stakeholder has signaled investigators that the pipeline owner Enbridge plans pipeline repairs at the plant in the upcoming month.

These dangerous gas pipelines should be shut off now. The risk of pipelines that supply gas to Canada should not operate at the expense of public safety. If there was an accident at Indian Point, it would render the entire eastern seaboard uninhabitable.

The New York state departments of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Public Service, Environmental Conservation, and Health, who conducted the New York State Risk Analysis in 2018, should ask the governor to shut down the gas. Attorney General Letitia James office should support these agencies’ actions. This office has comprehensively followed the decommissioning process of Indian Point and the buildout of gas infrastructure.

The governor has our lives in his hands. He has proven time again to put public safety first. He should order the gas pipelines shut down.


Tina Volz-Bongar
Peekskill, NY


Tina Volz-Bongar
426 Smith Street
Peekskill, NY