Dear New York friends,

Many of you know Tim Judson as one of the earliest activists to support the work to close Indian Point.  He is asking people all over the country to join our effort to move toward renewable energy and support the closure of Unit 2 last month and Unit 3 next year. 

As New Yorkers we have to help ourselves. Tim is asking for two actions.  Scroll down two paragraphs for a quick link to these actions.  Take them now and read the rest of Tim’s letter to get an idea of what is happening nationally.

All fossil fuels and uranium must stay in the ground!

In Solidarity, 
Marilyn Elie

Dear friends across the country,

We are writing to ask for you solidarity and a show of support for New York as the Indian Point nuclear reactors begin the process of shutting down for good. Today, the Indian Point unit 2 reactor will go offline, permanently – the first milestone in the closure of IP, a historic achievement that many of us have worked toward for decades. IP3 will shut down a year from now.

But the fight is not over and we need the support of our allies across the country. Pro-nuclear groups are trying to turn Indian Point’s closure into a bad story, to make people feel demoralized and uncertain about renewable energy and phasing out nuclear reactors. They are focusing on Indian Point, but the industry’s goal is to block renewables and stop more reactors from being closed around the country.

We need you to do two things today:

  1. Like the Beyond Indian Point facebook page and leave positive comments on one or two (or three) posts:
  2. Sign the Beyond Indian Point petition, and share it with your supporters, allies, and listservs:

NIRS, Alliance for a Green Economy, and allies in the anti-nuclear and anti-fracking movements in NY organized the Beyond Indian Point campaign to set the record straight about Indian Point replacement. Our campaign facebook page is being slammed by organized pro-nuclear trolls, the opposition has been placing op-eds and letters to the editor in papers all over New York, and they have started a petition to call on Governor Cuomo to change his mind and keep Indian Point open.

We have launched a website with a petition supporting the closure of Indian Point. And recent analysis by Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSEHE) describes the process by which New York is replacing Indian Point with efficiency and renewables as it complies with its renewable energy and climate goals. This is truly a victory for the whole environmental and climate movement, and we can’t let the nuclear industry and its boosters cover it up

We need your help to counteract this well-funded effort by pro-nuclear groups to tarnish the Indian Point closure with misinformation and pro-nuclear hysteria.

Thanks for all of what you are doing. In solidarity,

Tim Judson, NIRS
Jessica Azulay, Alliance for a Green Economy
On behalf of Beyond Indian Point

Tim Judson
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
6930 Carroll Ave., Suite 340
Takoma Park, MD 20912
O: 301-270-6477