Greetings to All who are concerned about the day after our election and about counting all the votes.

Nada of WESPAC has hosted several meetings in regard to rallies on November 4th. Here is a brief report back from today’s meeting.

As of right now three demonstration sites are being organized and are listed on the Protect the Vote website. Details will be forthcoming.

  1. White Plains. Progressive Women of Pelham. Location to be announced.

2. Tarrytown. Patriots Park. So far 250 people have registered for this event.

  1. Peekskill. Putnam Progressives, Peekskill Progressives. The Gazebo in the middle of town.

Yonkers is a maybe at this point.

Make sure that you register on the Protect the Vote site so organizers will have an idea of what to prepare for.

Courtney has set up a FB page with a lot of information. Please visit it and distribute the information widely to your social networks.

Nada will be distributing information to her 2,000 person email net work. Please do the same.

Signs. Homemade is best. Count All the Votes! and whatever other creative slogans you can come up with.

Flexibility is critical. No one has a blueprint for what may play out. Wednesday could be a celebration or the start of a protracted struggle. There could be a need for a presence on the street every day leading up to a big demonstration on Saturday. There is just no way to tell at this point. Stay tuned and become a trusted source of information for your own network. There will be a lot of lies circulated. Make sure others know you are a trusted source of accurate information.

In Solidarity,