Debunking the Myths about Small Modular Nuclear ReactorsLearn how to debunk the many myths surrounding SMNRs. Click this zoom link to register for the event:…/reg…/WN_8Vm58sHFTaOiZe2dfhC_ZQ


KERRIE BLAISE, Staff Lawyer, Canadian Environmental Law Association.
EDWIN LYMAN, Director of Nuclear Power Safety, Union of Concerned Scientists.
M.V. RAMANA, Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security and Director of the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia.

With contributions from David Lowry (UK) and Gordon Edwards (Canada). 

Organized and hosted by Beyond Nuclear; co-sponsored by The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and The Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick (CRED-NB).

See SMR = The Second Make-Believe Renaissance.