SMR’s are the newest fraud perpetrated by the nuclear industry – with a lot of financial help from the Dept. of Energy.  There are many different models being pushed by different companies.  NuScale is a bit ahead of the pack in that they have a blueprint that the NRC has allowed to proceed despite serious design flaws.

The experts on the panel below do an excellent job of explaining and dissecting the problems and concerns associated with this latest nuclear boondoggle.   

It is time to start mentioning SMR’s in conversations with elected officials to inoculate them against industry propaganda.

Marilyn Elie

Here is a link to the Beyond Nuclear Small Modular Reactor webinar and our panelists’ powerpoints. 

One of the reasons why small modular reactors are being promoted so much is because there has been such a huge investment in the reactor business, which is dying. The whole nuclear industry is dying, but because of the nuclear waste you can’t just walk away from it. You have to have expertise to look after the decommissioning and waste management problems which are going to last for at least 100 years after the last reactor is shut down. So, in a way the nuclear industry has a stranglehold on those governments, which have invested already in nuclear, to continue to invest just to maintain the expertise. That’s one of the motivations…

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Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

E v e r y    S m a l l    M o d u l a r    R e a c t o r   (SMR)

is   a   D i r t y   D a n g e r o u s   D i s t r a c t i o n  (DDD) 

SMRs are really DDDs and should be called such. A DDD is a Dirty Dangerous Distraction. It is an acronym much more to the point than SMR.

Gordon Edwards, October 21 2020