OSSINING, NY —  November 18, 2020 —Riverkeeper is extremely troubled that the NRC has announced its imminent approval for the sale of the Indian Point Energy Center to Holtec International without addressing its contention, and the numerous serious concerns raised by local, state, and other interested groups. This approval puts the public at risk by transferring responsibility for Indian Point’s decommissioning to a company that lacks integrity, experience, and financial stability. Since the NRC has once again neglected its responsibility to properly scrutinize Holtec’s qualifications, Riverkeeper calls upon New York State to step in to fill this gap and ensure the decommissioning of Indian Point is conducted safely, prudently, and in the best interests of New Yorkers.

Holtec closer to winning Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to decommission Indian Point.

While Riverkeeper continues to advocate for NRC to examine Holtec’s suitability as licensee, we also demand that the NRC exercise strict oversight of Holtec’s actions, to ensure that the decommissioning process is fully funded and safely completed. As noted in Riverkeeper’s supplemental filings to the NRC, Holtec has blatantly and openly violated local law at the neighboring Oyster Creek power plant. Holtec is also in a precarious financial condition due to the suspension of a $260 million New Jersey tax break pending investigation of its lies about prior wrongdoing. NRC and New York State should deny the license transfer to Holtec, and at minimum, require substantial financial assurances from Holtec to guarantee adequate funding for Indian Point’s decommissioning and site restoration.

Although the NRC may have moved the process forward, this fight is far from over. Riverkeeper will continue working to protect the best interests of the environment and community throughout the decommissioning of Indian Point.

By Cliff Weathers
Source: https://www.yonkerstribune.com/2020/11/riverkeepers-statement-on-nrcs-pprohealth-of-indian-points-sale-to-holtec-international-by-cliff-weathers