This 13 minute video was produced by our friends at Citizens Awareness Network.  It deals with many of  lies told by the nuclear industry, especially the most current one about nukes and climate. Mr. Nukem is the kind of industry representative we all love to hate.  

Take a few minutes to watch this video and give it a thumbs up.  Our friends deserve our support.  Share it widely, especially with your elected officials, and inoculate them against the distorted attempt of the nuclear industry to pass as carbon free.
In Solidarity,
Marilyn ElieIndian Point Safe Energy CoalitionUnited 4 Clean

In case you missed it:

Here is the link to the latest piece by Amory Lovins on gas replacing decommissioned nuclear reactors 

In other words, gas cannot compete in the long term with the rapidly falling price of renewables.  Lovins contends that the gas infrastructure that is going in all over the country will be a stranded asset by 2034 and a drain on the companies that are building them. 

Here is more from Rocky Mountain Institute on the economics of gas and how it fails to compete with renewables.