Greetings All –We’re pleased to share with you our latest animation:

Nuclear Energy Information Service NEIS

Nuclear advocates suggest that to address the climate crisis, we need to continue using nuclear power. In fact, aside from fossil fuels, nuclear power would be the worst among choices available to us. This animation explains why.

For over a decade the nuclear industry has been hawking its failed industry as (variously) “THE/a/a partial/all-of-the-above” solution to the current climate crisis.  This animation explodes some of the Trumpian-type myths (“say it over and over again, and it becomes the truth even without proof, or in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence” ) that the nuclear industry uses to create the false memes that nuclear power does or even should have a role to play in dealing with the climate crisis.

Please view and share this animation.  Feel free to send it to environmental groups and their boards, to elected officials (you listening, Joe Biden?), and to earnest climate activists  (you listening, Al Gore?).  As our friend and colleague, former NRC Commissioner and former head of the public service commissions of both New York and Maine Peter Bradford warns:

“Those who assert that the problem of climate change is so urgent that ― we have to do everything (or, another popular substitute for serious thought,  seek silver birdshot, not silver bullets), overlook the fact that we can never afford to do everything.  The urgency of world hunger doesn’t compel us to fight it with caviar, no matter how nourishing fish eggs might be.  Spending large sums on elegant solutions (especially those with side effects) that provide little relief will diminish what we can spend on more promising approaches.”

As NEIS has been arguing since 1988, “We Can’t ‘Nuke’ Climate Change.”  Feel free to visit the NEIS website for additional information; or, schedule a ZOOM showing of our PowerPoint on the same topic with your group or organization.

Be well, do great things.
–Dave Kraft–