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Marilyn Elie

Hi y’all,

Thought you’d like to know that 101 Nobel Laureates including the Dalai Lama penned an open letter in support of the end of fossil fuel expansion. Check it out at www.fossilfueltreaty.org/nobel-letter 

It is available online in French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and English. 

Here a video announcing the letter – you can watch & share the video on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here.

Please help ramp up the pressure to end the age of fossil fuels and non proliferation. Here is a  Comms Pack here with the press release, sample copy and a large folder of social media graphics (in multiple languages). 

Their letter is a very clear demand to end the expansion of fossil fuels and support a global just transition. We hope that it can be used to not only further calls for a Treaty, but also to add powerful backing to frontline campaigns opposing specific extraction projects, divestment campaigns, a range of efforts in the lead up to COP26 and many other urgent projects led by so many of you. Please feel free to take the letter and run with it in however is most helpful to your campaigns – the sample content is just to help those with limited capacity, rather than to set all comms to a strict framing. 

 CNN World News here  has also covered it.