Proposed Agenda:

1)   Roll-call and urgent announcements.

2)   Follow Up to May 30, 2021 Congressional Briefing with EESI (S Kent):  Let’s multiply the effectiveness of this excellent briefing by active and ongoing follow up.

3)   Brief Regional Updates (include  Meetings with Elected Officials):
    — Report from recent or newly scheduled meetings  
     —  CA:  San Onofre. other?
     —  NM/Tx CIS
     —  IL: Zion
     —  OH scandal
     —  Georgia
     —  New England: VY,  Pilgrim
     —  PA — TMI
     —  NJ  —  OC :
     —  Other?

4)   National  Radioactive Waste Coalition, and NCC Update 

5)   Legislative Update:  Diane D’Arrigo is hosting Leg. calls on biweekly Fridays at 10:30 a.m. before these DWG calls. Please summarize key points here.

6)   Canister and Cask Subcommittee:   Last meeting Feb.24; futute TBD

7)   Cost-Benefit Risk Analysis — changing to Topic Focussed meetings:  Next meeting is 4/30/21
       Possible topics:  Minimum Standards or Tritium

8)   SMNRs:   CFA Letter to Secretary GranholmTopic for 4/30/21 Will invite Don Safer
Union of Concerned Scientists

Evaluation of Nuclear Power as a Proposed Solution to Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Energy Security  
Eyes Wide Shut Problems with UAMPS’ Proposal to Construct NuScale Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
Small Modular and Advanced Nuclear Reactors: A Reality Check

9)   Media Update — Steve Kent
10)   Other?