Please write to your representative to sign the ICAN pledge. To do so find the steps below. Instructions with a screenshot are also attached! Also, please see the video recording from 1:35:33 – 1:39:13 ( that explains how to send a letter to your representative using the Nuclear Ban Map. 

If you face any issues, please write to James – or to me

Step 1 – Visit

On the top right side of the map, you will find a “search tab”. Enter your address/place/zip code, and it will help you to locate your representative. Once you have been located on the map (and click on the map if necessary), you should see a pop-up window with a picture of your Member of Congress, their phone number, and other information. You can scroll down with your mouse pad or use the scrolling bar on the right-hand side of the pop-up window to find all the rest of the information showing on there.

Step 2– Below the picture of each of your elected representatives is a short draft letter asking them to sign the ICAN Pledge. If you select the text of this letter (by dragging over it with your mouse button down) and copy it (CTRL/CMND+C or using the menu), you are ready to send it to your representative.

Step 3 – To send your message, click on the link to the rep’s “contact form.” That will take you to the contact page of your representative. You may have to navigate around to find where you can “send an email,” and you may have to put in your zip code before getting to that page.

Step 4 – Sooner or later, you should find a page where you enter your name, address, email, or whatever else, and space for “message” or “comment.” In the message box, you can now paste (CTRL/CMND+V or using the menu) the text of your letter. You can then edit it/add to it as you wish, make it personal, etc., and then send it!

Recordings of the event Building Political Support for the Nuclear Ban Treaty – April 24 Zoom is available on our youtube page. 

Full Event –

US Representatives and Beatrice –

Thank you, Anthony Donovan and Cole Harrison for these recordings and videos!!


Asha Asokan