The fight in Congress now is over what constitutes clean energy in the gigantic energy bill that is currently being drafted.  FERC is one of the agencies that will play a big role.

Legislators will be deciding between now and the end of June, if not before how to define clean energy. Nuclear, fracked gas, biomass – what is in and what’s out. The correct answer to this question is none of the above.

We have to work to make sure that fossil fuels and uranium are excluded.  Industry lobbyists are strong and always present on the Hill.

Show Congressman Raskin he has support for clean energy. and learn from the Congressional Briefing he is organizing. Invite your reprentative, to do the same thing, then contact him or her afterwards to see what action they will take and how they plan to vote. Renewable energy now while fossil fuels and uranium stay in the ground has got to be said loud and clear by all of us.

Time is short.  Act now!

Marilyn Elie
Indian Point clean Energy Coalition
United 4 Clean Energy

Hi, All:

Please invite your representatives to this Congressional hearing:

VOICES (Victory Over Infrackstructure, Clean Energy inStead)  has amassed testimony over the years pertinent to Natural Gas Act revisions and reforms for FERC. The timing is noteworthy given the focus on the Natural Gas Act. The Office of Public Participation could be considered a start; yet true reforms need to get at the root of toxic and pervasive problems. 

Rep. Raskin’s office is helping make this a priority so please do attend the Congressional Briefing. The idea is to #MakeFERCWork and other hashtags…

Sharing the below from our coalition partners from VOICES which formed out of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) non-vote to lift a moratorium on fracking in the Delaware back in 2011. 

In Unity & Gratitude,
Rachel Dawn
The Waterspirit Team

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