Marilyn’s email of  July 1 inspired me to send a letter to President Biden. I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you might do the same. Feel free to adapt for your own use.

Marie Inserra

Dear President Biden,

This letter is in regard to your administration’s efforts to identify a location for the storage of high level nuclear waste.  No community in any state should find itself at the receiving end of this search as there is no safe level of exposure and no guarantee of security in any plan for permanent or interim storage. The morally responsible long term plan for nuclear waste is hardened on site storage at the location of its production in communities that have benefited from the energy derived from this source. 

The risk of transporting this highly radioactive material on our road and waterways is unacceptable, as is the risk of continuing to produce this waste as a byproduct of nuclear energy.

There is NO justification to continue allowing the nuclear industry free rein in the design and construction of this most expensive, slow to develop energy option which impacts so heavily on environmental justice communities. Most important is the fact that we have no realistic plan for the management of the ever increasing tonnage of dangerous radioactive waste.

It is past due time to invest exclusively in renewable energy and the changes that must occur to curtail the use of extractive energy sources,  if we are to have any success in coping with climate change.

Sincerely yours, 

Marie Inserra
Peekskill, NY