Hello Marilyn:

Attached are slides from my June 23, 2021, presentation to the Indian Point Decommissioning Oversight Board. They address the release pathways for radioactivity to reach the air and water. 

In addition to radiation monitors on these release paths, there are two rings of radioactive monitoring stations around the site. 

A problem is that the public lacks real-time access to this info. At best, it’s available at least three months afterwards.

There is also a set of 16 continuous radiation monitors arranged around the site at distances from 0,4 miles to just over 2 miles from the site. The NYS Department of Public Service can access info from these 16 continuous radiation monitors and see trends as well as related info (e.g., wind speeds and directions, building vent radiation levels.) But the public cannot currently access this info.

Also attached are materials I developed as I research things for my role as technical advisor to the Decommissioning Oversight Board (and also in response to inquiries I receive from people living around Pilgrim).



Powerpoint Presentation – Radioactive Bullets | DOWNLOAD