Greetings Friends,

This is a critical time for passage of the Reconciliation Bill.  While many of you have been following what is happening in Congress, many more Americans have not.  It is a confusing process and our energy future for years to come hangs in the balance. 

Letters to the Editor are a good way to reach many of these folks.  If you act fast you can still get a letter in print in your local paper. Below is a template which you are welcome to use or modify in any way you wish. 

Take a look at the news stand of your local deli, pick out a paper and send in your letter.  This is not hard and it is helpful to our representatives who are fighting for infrastructure, both human and otherwise.  
Do it now while there is still time.

In Solidarity,

Why is Congressional Action all about Budget Reconciliation Now?

A majority of Americans want a comprehensive infrastructure spending plan AND democracy reforms that work. This is what the Reconciliation Bill is all about.

Republicans in the Senate have vowed to vote against the Voting Rights Bill and the “human infrastructure ” bill that is the cornerstone of the Build Back Better plan.They can stop any bill they don’t like by simply threatening a filibuster, which takes 60 votes to overcome. 

To move past Republican opposition Democrats are using a process called “budget reconciliation,” which allows the Senate to pass budget matters with a simple majority of 51 votes.

That means legislation could be passed that’s actually supported by a majority of Americans based on Congress’s power to determine how the nation’s budget is allocated.

This is Sierra Club’s short list of Iwhat is in the Reconcilliation  Bill.  There are many more important topics that have to be dealt with. For example, this short list leaves out what is pending on clean energy and the CEPP or the Clean Energy Payment Plan that deals with payments and penalties for electricity producers

  • Replacing 100% of lead in drinking water pipes nationwide.
  • Improving access
  •  to and investment in public transit and producing union-built electric cars and buses.
  • Achieving 100% clean energy through a clean energy payment program and tax incentives.
  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Retrofitting and electrifying all public housing, schools, and hospitals.
  • Creating a Civilian Climate Corps and cleaning up abandoned mines and wells.
  • Protecting the Arctic Refuge from oil and gas drilling.
  • Offering a pathway to citizenship, expanding Medicaid, and so much more!

If you are in favor of these actions call both Senator Schumer at 914-734-1532and Representative Jones at Representative Mondaire Jones at (914)323-5550 and let them know that you support their efforts to pass the Reconcilliation Bill.  To read  more about this bill  follow the link below²rganizing?suppress=true&utm_source=sierraclub&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021FederalOrganizing

Marilyn Elie
United 4 Clean Energy