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Dear President Biden,

Fossil fuels must stay in the ground to mitigate global warning. You know that and you campaigned to be a climate champion.

The people at your front door right now know that too. They live the reality of climate change and see it every day They have done everything in their power to stop the warming of the Earth for the benefit of us all. They do not know what more to do except put their bodies on the line. That is why they have come to you as a last resort.

Pay attention to them! Use the mighty power of your office to hold them up for the rest of the country to see and understand how critical this is and how we have no time left.

I understand that you have many critical issues on your desk. This is different. If all of your other plans are to go forward, what is being presented to you this day about climate change must be addressed now.

Embrace the Protectors!

They are working for us all and can do no more. They come to you, demanding that you assume your rightful role as leader. Use the power of you office now, this day, to join them in protecting our planet.

Marilyn Elie