People vs. Fossil Fuels continued today in the streets of DC! Today, we united fossil fuel fights from across the United States, from the struggle to stop petrochemical and LNG export facilities in the Gulf, to efforts to stop oil and gas drilling on Native lands in Alaska.

Another 155 people were arrested outside the White House, including a delegation of faith leaders from different traditions.

Many of the speakers today talked about the work they’re doing in their communities to resist major fossil fuel projects, like the Mountain Valley Pipeline and fracking on public lands.

One of today’s speakers said it well today: “This is President Biden’s moment to keep his word…This is a moment to fully, truly, wholly invest environmental justice into the operations of our federal government. This is a moment to take the advice of the 27 environmental justice leaders that you put on an advisory panel. This is your moment, President Biden, to be the man of faith that you declare you are.”

That’s why thousands of people are taking action this week. People are coming to send a powerful message to President Biden: if you’re serious about tackling the climate crisis, you must do everything in your power to stop fossil fuel projects.

The actions continue throughout the week; join us! Sign up here to get all the details and join People vs. Fossil Fuels.

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Thomas with the ‘People vs. Fossil Fuels’ organizing team and the Build Back Fossil Free campaign

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