Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On October 19, 2021, I gave a webinar entitled “Uranium – Premises, Promises and Predicaments”
that dealt with a number of key questions related to uranium and nuclear energy:

• To what extent can new nuclear reactors make an important contribution in fighting climate change?
• Are the new reactors currently being proposed in Canada and elsewhere clean, safe, and economical?
• By choosing to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only, can we avoid nuclear weapons proliferation?

Here is a link to the webinar and the Q&A session:

The webinar itself is about an hour and 12 minutes, and it is followed by a 23 minute Q&A session.

This event is hosted by the Saskatoon Public Library & sponsored by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society
as part a series of webinars by different presenters in what is they call their “Sustainable Speakers Series”.

The slides that were used in my webinar are available at .

Gordon Edwards.