To all Nuclear Waste Watchers:

Christopher Read, TV journalist with APTN, has just completed a half-hour documentary on NWMO’s plans for a permanent underground nuclear waste dump for all of Canada’s HLW.
It will include a portion of an interview with me, done from my dining room.

It will be broadcast this Friday, November 26, on the program “APTN Investigates” (7pm EDT).
It is an update to his two-part documentary of February 2020 entitled “Nuclear Courtship”.

APTN = Aboriginal People’s Television Network
HLW = high Level Nuclear Waste, also known as “irradiated nuclear fuel” or “used nuclear fuel”
NWMO = Nuclear Waste Management Organization, owned by the three utilities that produce high-level nuclear waste: Ontario Power Generation, Hydro-Quebec, New Brunswick Power.

Some will remember the two-part 2020 APTN TV documentary on NWMO’s search for a “Willing Host Community” to accept all of Canada’s high-level radioactive waste (HLW) in a Deep Geological Repository (DGR), sometimes called a DUD (Deep Underground Dump).

Nuclear Courtship – Part 1: broadcast February 7 2020
Indigenous Communities Courted as Nuclear Industry looks for place to put used fuel

Nuclear Courtship – Part 2: broadcast February 14 2020
Opportunities for Youth, or Sacrifice Zone? Community reaction to nuclear waste burial plan is mixed

Indigenous Declarations on Nuclear Issues: posted on the CCNR web site

Nuclear Waste 101: a short video prepared for the US Congress – 2021

If you miss the broadcast, I will send you a link to the program after it has been broadcast.

Gordon Edwards