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In a recent TV documentary on plans to bury all of Canada’s high level nuclear waste in the neighbourhood of some small community in Ontario, the journalist Christopher Read of the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) inserted a clip from an old televised debate between Gordon Edwards and Edward Teller. A few people have asked to see the full debate – so here it is!

Gordon Edwards.

THE GREAT DEBATE : (1974). Broadcast live on Global TV from the Toronto Studio
Gordon Edwards versus Edward Teller — moderated by Pierre Berton
Resolved: That nuclear power plant are necessary and should be constructed.


The recent APTN broadcast is actually the third in a series by Christopher Read:

Part 3: Nuclear Revival – broadcast November 26, 2021.
questioning how new reactor designs (SMRs) may affect nuclear waste management plans

Part 1: Nuclear Courtship broadcast February 7 2020
Indigenous Communities Courted as Nuclear Industry looks for place to put used fuel

Part 2: Nuclear Courtship broadcast February 14 2020
Opportunities for Youth, or Sacrifice Zone? Community reaction to nuclear waste burial plan is mixed

For some Indigenous Declarations on Radioactive Waste see .