Hello everyone,

Thank you for signing on to the No False Solutions in Build Back Better Act! This morning we sent the letter to Leader Schumer, Sen. Wyden, and Sen Stabenow with a total of 140 signatories!

Today we are also launching a petition for individuals to sign on in support of No False Solutions and Dirty Energy in the Build Back Better Act. If your organization didn’t sign on in time for the letter, you can still sign on an ongoing basis to be included in further updated versions of this letter!

Please help us amplify the letter and petition:


Sharing Toolkit with sample petition outreach email and sample tweets.

Landing page with petition and full letter link.

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Draft Tweets

(For 12/14 – ) BREAKING: Today 140 organizations across the U.S. sent a letter to @SenSchumer @RonWyden @SenStabenow calling on the Senate to remove funding and tax incentives for dirty energy in the #BuildBackBetter Act. #ClimateJustice means #NoDirtyEnergyinBBB. unitedfrontlinetable.org/bbbanofalsesolutionspressrelease

140 organizations across the U.S. are calling on the Senate to remove handouts to dirty energy from the #BuildBackBetter Act. @SenSchumer @RonWyden @SenStabenow frontline communities are hurting from #ClimateCrisis. You must take #DirtyEnergyOutofBBB. unitedfrontlinetable.org/bbbanofalsesolutionspressrelease

We demand the removal of subsidies for polluting industries in the #BuildBackBetter Act. With funding for dirty energy, the BBBA will NOT be a climate justice bill. #DirtyEnergyOutofBBB #BBBNoFalseSolutions #UnitedFrontlineTable. Sign here: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/nofalsesolutionsinbbba?source=twitter

Subsidies for dirty energy are NOT part of the solution to the climate crisis. We demand their removal from the #BuildBackBetter Act. Join us and the #UnitedFrontlineTable and sign here to get #DirtyEnergyOutofBBB: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/nofalsesolutionsinbbba?source=twitter

Please share out today, tomorrow, and through the week. Thank you all for your support!