Same old story he always tells. Hardly worth refuting except for his reference CLCPA. He quotes the NYISO but the link takes you to the table of contents to the latest report, not to the quote.  It is important to find his reference. Frankly, I doubt that it is accurate.
“Two critical decisions were recently issued by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC, whose job is to protect the environment, rejected applications to build a large new natural gas plant in Astoria and to expand the burning of fracked gas at the Danskammer plant in Newburgh. In both cases, the DEC was implementing the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which requires phasing out the use of fossil fuels. “


New York Daily News

Re: Herschel Spector’s Letter on Indian Point

If Mr. Spector’ letter on Indian Point had been posted on Face Book it would have been removed for providing false information.

Holtec purchased Indian Point to decommission it.  That is how they are making their money.  They are proceeding at a rapid pace.  Buildings have been removed and a hole has been cut in one of the domes. The property is a massive deconstruction site.

A Decommissioning Oversight Board has been established and has had several public meetings to share information on how things are proceeding.  One major community concern that remains is the AIM gas pipeline that runs very near the fuel pool inviting a disaster. 

Once everything is cleared away and fuel rods are all stored on site, it will be an excellent industrial property and will be taxed accordingly. 

Had Mr. Spector done the least bit of research he would have easily found this public  information and hopefully understood that Indian Point nuclear power plant is closed forever.  It is unfortunate that your readers have been fed information to the contrary.

Marilyn Elie

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition