February 25, 7:00 PM, this Friday!
Amory does a brilliant job of explaining the myths of nuclear power and has the charts and graphs to back it up.
This fascinating15 minute says it all.  It needs to be watched, discussed and shared.  
The video is so intriguing that some of us decided to watch it together and then talk about it. It answers all the myths nuclear advocates could ever bring up with easy to follow explanations and charts and graphs for those who want more information and detail. 
Amory Lovins is a world renowned renewable energy expert.  He has consistently shown over the years how green energy makes money, decarbonizes our world and can lead us through climate change.He leads the way in knowing what to do and how to do it.

Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear will join our discussion.
This program was presented by the Eugene Oregon Civic Club.  Amory’s presentation is part of their regular monthly series.  Amory starts at minute 33.

Amory Lovins at Eugene Oregon Civic Club. The video also has an interesting presentation on the Oregon grid and a presentation by Dr. Ramna.

Tina Bolgar will send out the link for our discussion. Please share on your social media.

Marilyn Elie

Points considered:

Should working reactors be allowed to continue past their retirement date as a source of so called carbon free electricity?

What about base load generation?

How important is battery storage?

Why shouldn’t we pursue a mix of generation going forward?

And much, much more…
Three things to consider as we plan our energy mix in the light of climate change:
TimeExpenseCarbon produced in generation
Join us for the discussion and answers to these questions and more.
In Solidarity for Clean, Renewable Energy,
Marilyn Elie

Amory Lovins at Eugene Oregon Civic Club.