Slamming environmentalist and attacking our environmental laws is hardly new, however, the number of these attacks seems to be rising.

The industry and those who support nuclear power seem more and more anxious. Both the NRC and FERC have switched to Democratic control and made historic decisions in the last month. Republicans on the FERC board made no attempt to hide their anger.

Please include this as a concern when you talk about nuclear matters with decision makers and others. A short email to your various representatives is quick and easy. Letters to the editor are also excellent. It supports green energy, the bills they are working on and gives your lawmaker something to think about.

What ever you do, as always, big or little, JUST DO SOMETHING!


Dear Dr. Cool,

I tried to post on the comment section of your last article. I am sure you will recognize the quote.

Unfortunately, it would not post so I am sending it to you via letters to the editor. I would be most interested in your thoughts on the Amory Lovins article.

Marilyn Elie
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

“U.S. will need to triple its existing transmission infrastructure for electricity in order to carry power from wind and solar farms…”

I guess the author is not aware of distributed generation, community solar and rooftop solar which eliminate the need for long transmission lines.
Amory Lovins at Eugene Oregon Civic Club.

Amory explains it all. Charts, graphs, and a great q&a at the end. We can no longer just count carbon. We also have to consider time and money. We have limited dollars to buy the biggest number of kilowatt hours in the shortest time possible. Nuclear does not meet these criteria.

Renewables are cheap, easy to install and emission free. While they are variable they are also highly predictable. Wind power is now sold in the day ahead market in the Danish market because it is so predictable. How do they do it – with planning and foresight.

And, BTW, Con Ed stopped purchasing electricity from Indian Point in 2018. That was the last contract either of our carriers had. Basically, no electricity from Indian Point was used in NYC since that date. Entergy was lucky to sell 1,500 MW’s into the capacity market. They never did suppy 25% of the electricity to the NY Westchester grid. That grid uses about 13,000 MW’s. Indian Point unit 2 and 3 produced 2,000 MW’s. Do the math. (13,000 ÷ 4= 3,250 MW’s) The 25% figure is a myth that just won’t die.

There were dire predictions of rolling blackouts for lack of baseload power when each unit went off line. What happened was, as predicted, nothing. Consumers did not even notice.

Marilyn Elie
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition