All of the same old lies are firmly embedded in this story starting with nuclear is carbon free.  Even Amory Lovins has stated that there might be an uptick in fossil fuel use in the short term.  That is until renewables catch up.  Keeping the reactors running on life support keeps renewables from expanding into the market place, especially when they are locked out of any financial help. 
The all of the above strategy is a waste of precious time and money.  We need electricity that is clean, quick to install and cheap.  That means wind and solar.
If only more people would listen to this man instead of just using him for an opposition quote.

“David Schlissel, at the Ohio-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, said he wishes the federal government, before it allocated the $6 billion, had analyzed whether that money might have been better spent on ramping up renewables, battery storage and energy efficiency projects, which can be done quickly and cheaply to displace fossil fuels.

Now that the money is already set aside for nuclear plants, the federal tax credits for renewables should be extended and more should be invested in energy efficiency, he said, because the faster that’s done, the faster the nation reduces its dependence on fossil fuels and its emissions. Also, the nuclear plants are going to eventually retire, some sooner than later, so carbon-free sources of energy need to be in place for when they do, he added.”

Should Nuclear Be Part of Our Energy Future?  See Amory Lovin’s analysis.