This 6 minute video by Marilyn Elie highlights how the fossil fuel industry and their allies are using the war in Ukraine to ramp up production and as an excuse to push to build more pipelines.

The questions to ask when confronted with this faulty logic are:

How does it help Ukraine for us to export more gas?  

How does it help the United States to build expensive infrastructure for an outdated energy source that we will be stuck with for the next 30 years?

They are asking for weapons not gas and are already making plans to build back 100% renewable.

So who does the push for more fossil fuel production benefit?  The people who are selling the “product,” of course. Exon has made its highest profits ever.  The United Kingdom is thinking of implementing an excess profit tax on fossil fuel companies. We should do the same.

As always the emphasis remains on right action and our role as citizen advocates.  What is it we can do?  

Feel free to post and share this video with interested others and use it in any way you find helpful.

Marilyn Elie