Our friend Heidi Hutner has completed her long range film project and is now asking for our help in publicizing it.  It is an important piece of work that deserves attention. Please consider a showing and do share this with your contacts and on social media.  Details are below in Heidi’s note.

Marilyn Elie

From Heidi:

Hi Everyone,

I am not allowed to post this to all of your working and environmental groups, so please help me out and repost!

Our film, now titled, RADIOACTIVE: THE WOMEN OF THREE MILE ISLAND, is completed!

We are heading to the festival circuit, and we are trying to sell/air it on TV streamers, etc. We made this film to alert the general public to the dangers of nuclear power–to counter nuclear industry pro-nuclear PR. To protect present and future generations. That’s the goal. 

We have a fabulous sales agent. We are crossing fingers.

RADIOACTIVE features several of our dear friends: Aileen Mioko Smith, Mary Olson, Jane Fonda, Joanne Doroshow Esq., Lynne Bernabeit Esq, Michele LeFever Quinn, and the “Concerned Mothers and Women” of Three Mile Island, whom I have come to love dearly.–along with others you may know. Our composer is the brilliant Dash Hammerstein (the grandson of the famed Broadway –Hammerstein!). Our entire team and crew are really incredible and it was an honor to work with them, The science story is groundbreaking (an important new study has come out of the film!)… so much to say about that.

It took a village to make this happen, and I am so grateful for your support!! We couldn’t have done this without all of you and more folks not on this list: Beyond Nuclear folks, Sierra Club LI, Sierra Club NYC, IPSEC, NIRS, Helen Caldicott, John Hall, Bonnie Raitt, SANE ENERGY PROJECT, Grassroots Education, Three Mile Island Alert, Paul Blanch, David Lochbaum, Mark Jocobson, Greg Jazcko, Kate Brown, Holly Harris, Linda and Paul Gunther, Arnie and Maggie Gundersen, Aaron Datesman, Doug Brugge, Sasha Stiles, and so many, many, many, many more….gosh so many!!! Sorry if I have not listed you in this email–the list is truly exhaustive. 

When we are able to (legally), I will take this on the road to show to environmental and community groups across the country. I will keep you posted about this. Invite us!!!!

Much, much, much love and gratitude to all of you in this community for your intrepid and tireless efforts to protect our earth and all living beings present and future,


Dr. Heidi Hutner
Stony Brook University
Depts. of English, Sustainability, 
Women’s and Gender Studies

Link to our website with our trailer and information: