Joe Manchin made a side deal with Schumer that there would be a separate bill for what he required for the fossil fuel industry and his pet project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline. 

Schumer agreed to bring the bill to the floor but not that it would pass.  It will need 60 votes to pass and so will probably be attached to a larger “must pass” piece of legislstion. Joe and the American Petroleum Institute are busy writing the bill right now.

It is tailored to the Mountain Valley Pipeline but applies to future pipelines as well. While no one else has see it yet, here are some of the things it is expected to contain. 

Requires the Department of Justice to stop all law suits it has pending against MVP.

Changes the venue of the court to a friendlier judge.  

Guts the National Environmental Energy Protection Act.

Makes it impossible to stop pipelines in the future.

Years of environmental work tossed aside. 

What can you do?  Contact your electeds with a great sense of urgency and do it more than once. Tell them not to vote for this climate wrecking corporate give away. 

Instructions from Our Revolution are below. They have made it easy to speak out.  Join them to stop this planet destroying bill. The future depends on your actions…

Please post and pass on to interested others.

Marilyn Elie
United 4 Clean Energy
Beyond Extreme Energy

Joe Manchin wants to fast-track new gas, oil, and carbon pipelines by removing environmental reviews that keep our communities safe. Manchin was promised last week he would get a vote on this fast-track bill in exchange for his support on the IRA bill in Congress.

Our communities are not collateral damage. Our communities are not bargaining chips.

Can we count on you to contact your House Representative to tell them our demands?

No fast-tracking new gas or oil projects
No fast-tracking carbon pipelines
No cutting environmental safeguards in any fossil fuel projects
Separate the fast-track vote from the resolution to fund the government

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All over the world, people are suffering record-high temperatures that will continue to rise.

As wildfires rage across the west coast, coal, gas, and oil companies are trying to get Congress to cut more regulations and rush forward with new carbon extraction projects and ease permitting requirements, which could weaken a critical environmental protection law that requires federal agencies to scrutinize the impacts of major infrastructure projects. Black, Latino and Indigenous communities have frequently used the law to contest projects that could have harmed their neighborhoods.

In the Midwest, communities are being threatened with eminent domain to take their land for risky carbon pipelines that will threaten people’s lives. It is insanity for our leaders to even consider dropping fossil fuel safeguards while hailing a historic climate bill.

Leadership has committed to giving fossil fuel companies what they want in their deal with Manchin and other corporate Democrats. Shockingly, it appears the language that is to be included in the resolution to fund the government was written by the American Petroleum Institute, the lobbying arm of the fossil fuel industry. When the House returns this Friday to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), they need to hear from thousands of people. That’s where we all come in.

Will you take 2 minutes to call your House Rep today and stop the Manchin deal that blocks our progress on Climate Change>>>

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If Manchin gets his way, new fossil fuel pipelines will wipe out many of the gains we’ve made in the existing IRA. We cannot let a side deal with literal coal barons reverse our course on climate and our future.

Speak out now to demand an end to Fossil Fuel Fast-tracking. Collectively, we will be heard.

In solidarity,

Jane Kleeb

Our Revolution Board Member and Environmental Activist