Greetings to All Those With Questions About Nuclear Energy,

Have you ever been in  conversation about nuclear power and just did not quite know what to say?

Look no further.  This excellent, well done assortment of fact sheets on many aspects of nuclear power is incredibly handy for all occasions and easy to use!

Thank you Pat and the Ohio Nuclear Free Network for this outstanding work.

Marilyn Elie

National Coordinating Committee, Nuclear Radioactive Waste Coalition 

Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2022, 

Here is Ohio Nuclear Free Network’s BRAND NEW August 2022 Flier: How Nuclear Power Worsens Climate Change

There’s a LOT of info here, with links.  Some links are to our other fact sheets. (Uranium: Mining, Milling, Refining will soon have a link!)

Our fliers are all one sheet, easily printable. 

Check it out!