Frontline warriors are taking their case to stop Manchin’s Dirty Deal to their DC elected officials.  After that they plan on raising a ruckus in front of the White House.

Help them out by making a phone call so legislators know they have a broad range of support.

Tell your representative to stop Manchin’s Dirty Deal to fast-track fracked gas pipelines & other oil&gas projects. Dial 877-814-5667 & tell your Rep. to oppose it!

-From Food and Water Watch-

The proposed bill has been closely guarded from the public.  A copy was leaked and confirms the worst of what is expected.  Right now, it is in committee and also has a  budget.  It is ready to be dropped into a must pass piece of legislation. Tell your representative to vote against it in committee and vote to take away its budget!

Melinda Tuhus will be in Washington for this demonstration.  Here is what she wrote about it and facts about the Mountain Valley Pipeline that Manchin is pushing through for his fossil fuel friends. Look for the forthcoming interview with Melinda and get a glimpse into the life of an activist and what it means to be a front line warrior.