You have heard from me a lot about the evils of what the fossil fuel industry is trying to do through their control of Joe Manchin.The link below goes to the clearest and most level headed explanation of the Dirty Side Deal that I have seen.  There finally IS opposition in the House. 


Tell them to call for a stand alone vote on this, not hiding it in a continuing resolution where it is not even discussed. Bernie’s firey speech says it all. It is in the article.

This deal is written by and for fossil fuel interests. Hundreds of front line warriors were in DC last week and made an impression on legislators. The least those of us who stayed home can do is make a call and send an email. 

In Solidarity,

Marilyn Elie

United 4 Clean Energy

“Depending on how many Democrats vote against a CR with permitting reforms attached to it, the legislation could still pass the House and Senate with Republican support.”

Take two minutes right now to call your Representative and tell them to oppose Manchin’s dirty deal. Phone Number: 917-791-2257

Call Script: Hi, my name is ____, & I’m from ____. As your constituent I’m calling to demand that you do all you can to block Senator Manchin’s “permitting” proposal. Protecting our communities and climate is more important than giving another gift to the fossil fuel industry. Stand with the communities who rallied outside of the Capital on Thursday and who are impacted by fossil fuels and the climate crisis! Thank you in advance for taking action to stop the dirty deal.