If you read the entire article you will hear him say that dilution is the answer to pollution. Something we cannot agree with. He does recommend on site storage. His explanation of thee type of test that is needed is very useful.

United 4 Clean Energy is hosting a forum for the public with experts who can adress this topic on January 26.  Mark your calendars now and watch for details.

Marilyn Elie

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

“Dr. Buesseler explained that the measuring technique Holtec has been using is for direct exposure—such as swimming in the bay.

“You would have to use a very different set of standards [and] much more sensitive techniques so that we can track what wouldn’t be your daily exposure standing next to this material or in the water, but what might happen over the time,” he said.

Dr. Buesseler said these more sensitive techniques exist and Holtec could contract an outside lab to perform them

How Dangerous Is This Water?

Dr. Buesseler said the water poses a relatively low risk to health and safety.”