Here’s a video of a rain-soaked, straggly but passionate group of 8 climate justice activists, and a dog, singing directly in front of Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, De. as 2022 turned into 2023. We begin singing at the 4 minute mark. And below are the words we sang, to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

Auld Biden Syne

Should old acquaintance with fossil fuels be finally put to an end,
And renewables accelerate, a green new deal amen.
A green new deal,
A green new deal,
Is what the country needs,
And here we are at Biden’s house,
Saying: climate emergency, lead.

Will Biden pledge to change our course
And serve all human kind
No fossil fuels, no klepto rule
Joe Biden, now’s the time
The time is here, for this new year
Emergency declare
The stewards of this earth come forth, so we leave a world to share

The time has sadly passed us by
To avert a major loss
But we cannot lie soundly by
As we see a rising cost
Our brethren facing droughts and floods
Our forests burned to dust
But every life that we can save
Confronts us as a must

For auld lang syne, my friends
For auld lang syne
We’ll breathe a draught of fresher air
If Biden heeds the science
We’ll breathe a draught of fresher air
Extinction be postponed
But Joe must first his conscience search
And strike a righteous tone

When all the science goes for naught and  politicians jeer,
We stand up for our grandchildren and call for Joe to hear.
We call for Joe to hear us now
Demand for Joe to hear
Declare an end to fossil fuels
For life in future years.