Decommissioning a nuclear power plant is job that requires careful attention to detail in order to protect public health and safety.  On January 26, 2023 four experts were convened to discuss this matter by United 4 Clean Energy, Grassroots Education, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and a coalition of other groups.

Presenters included the renowned Dr. Helen Caldicott, Eric Epstein from Three Mile Island, and Diane Turco from Cape Cod.  Their presentations are short, fact filled and full of advice for what we need to do at Indian Point for a safe decommissioning. What they have to say applies to decommissioning other nuclear power plants as well.

Don’t miss the Introduction by Tina Bolgar. Tina lays out a concise overview of what has happened to bring us to this point. New York State Senator Peter Harkham follows Tina with an excellent summary of the finances and legislation that now governs the decommissing process and what has been done to help the community of Buchanan recover. Senator Harckham realistically acknowledges the long range nature of the fuel rods being stored on site.