Yesterday BXE rallied in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) office in D.C. – greeting staff and commissioners as they came for the monthly commissioners meeting!

We then supported a #FrontlinesToFERC press conference- a group of Gulf Coast organizers who spoke on the numerous frontline LNG fights coming before FERC.
As the FERC meeting began- 3 BXE activists disrupted the meeting and were hauled out chanting.

Four more BXE members that were not allowed into the meeting (due to past disruptions) managed to get into the meeting anyway- yelling “STOP MANCHIN’S FERC” and deploying a banner. A security guard knocked people over, but we kept on yelling as we were kicked out of the building!

Check out this video for all footage of our disruptions!

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Our demands are:

  1. Congress needs to pass legislation to replace FERC with a Federal RENEWABLE Energy Commission, FREC.
  2. Senator Schumer and President Biden must remove Joe Manchin as chair of the Senate Energy Committee.
  3. Staff and employees at FERC must resist Manchin. It is these government workers we are speaking directly to today. Telling them not to approve new permits, or turn a blind eye to climate and environmental justice impacts.

Since March Senator Joe Manchin has been putting political pressure on FERC to halt planned reforms to natural gas permitting policy and to streamline fossil fuel development.

Our latest research shows that, since Manchin began to pressure FERC decisions, FERC has approved natural gas projects that amount to a cumulative 282,866,661 metric tons of C02 a year. That is equivalent to:

  • 76 coal plants
  • 6 Mountain Valley Pipelines
  • 1,561,936 Rail Cars of Coal
  • 60,949,062 Gas Powered Cars Driving for 1 Year

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