Greetings Activists, 

Have you talked with your legislators yet about passing the Resolution about dumping tritium into the Hudson River yet? 

It can be as simple as printing out the Resolution and mailing it to your Board member or town supervisor with a note requesting that your town sign on.  Or emailing it. Talking points have gone out as has the paper on tritium.   If you want help with this call or text me at 914-954-6749.

You might want to go to a Town Board meeting in person and introduce it there.  People usually have 3 minutes to talk at some point during the meeting. It is always good to go with a friend.

When your municipality passes the Resolution please let Ellen Weiniger know as she is tracking where it has passed.  Her email is

The author of this book is widely known and highly respected for his work in the field of nuclear energy.  Here are different reviews from scientists in regard to his new book on tritium. What follows  is an excerpt from one of the reviews.

. “For decades, it has been claimed that tritium is a minor hazard, dispersing widely in water, that its beta radiation is not penetrating and relatively weak. With harder to assess exposures and risks, such internal emitters have often not been adequately addressed by radiation protection standards. Similarly, tritium’s different forms, distributed throughout organisms and affecting diverse cellular components, have been sidelined. This is particularly important to redress given our collective greatest responsibility is to protect the most vulnerable – pregnant women and young children, and the growing evidence that there is no threshold for risk for most if not all the long-term effects of radiation exposure.”

In Solidarity,
Marilyn Elie
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition