Rockland County joins Westchester County in mounting opposition to Holtec International’s plan to dump radioactive waste from the Indian Point nuclear facility into the Hudson River

On Wednesday, in a 16-0 vote, the Rockland County Legislature unanimously approved a resolution calling on Governor Hochul and relevant agencies to stop Holtec International from dumping toxic waste into the Hudson River. Rockland became the second county in the Hudson Valley region to oppose Holtec’s polluting plan, just two days after the Westchester Board of Legislators took similar action.

Holtec International, the company in charge of decommissioning the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, wants to dump one million gallons of toxic wastewater from the plant’s spent fuel pools into the Hudson River. The company’s waste has several contaminants including tritium, a radioactive isotope that can lead to cancer when inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin in large quantities. Seven communities and over 100,000 people rely on drinking water from the Hudson River.

Santosh Nandabalan, Senior New York Organizer with Food & Water Watch issued the following statement:

“To allow the immense discharge of toxic, radioactive waste into New Yorkers’ drinking water is to privilege corporate expediency over public health. One by one, Hudson Valley authorities are taking a stand against Holtec’s ludicrously dangerous proposal. Governor Hochul must take immediate action to safeguard public health and stop Holtec’s scheme.”

The resolution passed Wednesday also included an amendment urging passage of recently introduced state legislation (S.5181/A5338) to ban the release of radioactive waste into the Hudson River, with a recommendation to raise the financial penalties on dumping.

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